Economic Empowerment For Sustainable Livelihoods

Naretisho™ (‘Building Capacity’)

Women and youth especially in the pastoral rural communities face unprecedented challenges to their livelihoods, their identities, their institutions, and their sense of place in the evolving global village. This program aims to strengthen the livelihoods base for women and youth. We enhance economic opportunities for women and youth through the development of knowledge and skills as well as linking them to business development support services. These include efforts towards improved confidence and self-esteem among the women and youth in the Maasai community.

Program Pillars

Launch of Goat rearing

Goat rearing for livelihoods


Tailoring for livelihoods

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Beads for livelihoods

Patinaai Osim is a term of endearment, used by Maasai mothers preserved for their children, loosely translates to, “my little one who brings me joy”


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