Our Impact

“I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society.”

~Anthony Fauci


  • Remedial classes: These are key in the improvement of numeracy and literacy skills of the children resulting in better school performance.
  • Sponsorship: Well performing learners and those from under privileged families who are unable to continue their education due to financial challenges is important to our mandate. Enabling learners to continue with their education, creates stronger communities that are not reliant on others to provide for them.
  • Infrastructure: This hinders after school studies. We give solar lamps that provide the much needed light especially for candidates to study.
  • Peer-peer studies: Assisting each other does not only strengthen the capabilities of learners but creates an avenue for them to share their strengths.
  • Creation of libraries: It is essential as it gives children access to learning materials that assist in the improvement of their performance and engages what they have learned already.
Remedial Classes
Sponsorship Program
Solar Lamps

Sexual and Reproductive health

  • Sexual and reproductive health education: This empowers young individual youths to know that they have the right to make their own choices.
  • Youth workshops and forums: These are the most ideal places to engage youth on the challenges they face in their Sexual and reproductive health, and keep teaching them on their rights to enable them make informed decisions.
  • Menstrual hygiene kits: These are essential to adolescent girls as they are the most affected and risk missing out in school. This affects their self-confidence and their performance in school. Menstrual hygiene kits enable the girls to feel confident and attend school throughout the year.
Menstrual Kit

Sustainable livelihoods

Sustainable livelihoods to socially marginalized women is key to creating empowered women. These women have many dependents and we work towards improving their lives socio-economically.

  • The Goat rearing program: This is an all-round project. Goat milk provides nutrition within the household as goat milk is very nutritious even for young children. From the sale of goat milk and other goat products the women create an income to sustain their households. There are 30 beneficiaries of this program.
  • Craftwork: Indigenous women have for generations been known for their beautiful beadwork. At Patinaai Osim we enable the women to earn through their beadwork by provision of materials, economic training and exposure to markets for their products.

Environmental Sustainability

Curbing the effects of climate change is not only an individual responsibility but also communal.

  • Tree planting: We have committed to doing our part by improving the rural ecosystem through tree planting under the greening Kenya initiative. We are targeting schools as we offer environmental education to schools, and trees for planting to teach young children the importance of environmental sustainability and their role in this.
  • Tree nurseries: Assisting in the creation of tree nurseries assists in environmental education for women and youth as they can learn how to nurture nurseries and care for the trees and their environment
Trees Planted in Schools
Schools We Planted Trees
Women in Tree Nurseries Education

Patinaai Osim is a term of endearment, used by Maasai mothers preserved for their children, loosely translates to, “my little one who brings me joy”


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