— Olale Lang means Sanctuary in Maa.

Olale Lang

Olale Lang

We seek to create a sanctuary where women come together to exchange ideas and discuss matters about their communities.


Olale Lang is a handicraft business whose mission is to enhance sustainable livelihoods by empowering women through the sale of hand-beaded products.

Olale Lang creates opportunities for nomadic women in Kajiado to translate their ancestral skills into a much-needed income. Olale Lang seeks to change lives, by empowering women and girls seeking to provide sustainable livelihoods as well as educating young girls.

By buying from Olale Lang you are contributing directly to helping to secure sustainable livelihoods among women in Kajiado.

This income enables the women to manage and improve their families’ lives, without turning to environmentally destructive activities such as deforestation for charcoal production, or overburdening their delicate grasslands with sheep and goats. Olale Lang is based on where the women are and makes it possible for them to earn incomes and retain their traditional, nomadic lifestyles.

We strive to deliver the highest-quality to fit all types of customers while honoring and benefiting the necessities and demands of the nomadic cultures.

Investment, not charity.


Appreciation for tradition in a modern world.


Olale Lang products come from individual crafters, self-governed women’s groups, and meaningful community relationships – not factories.

We involve the women in perfecting product quality and design, refining their skills, and structure group leadership.

Our products not only symbolize the virtue of the crafters who make them but also support the livelihoods of many homes

Discover Olale Lang range of traditional and fashionable designs.


Income from Olale Lang, combined with the financial training that we offer the women helps to change the lives of women who are fast becoming role models in their communities and inspiring others into becoming entrepreneurs in their own right.


Olale Lang would love to partner with you.